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drawing, charcoal, gesso, linen
"Yours is Mine is Yours" at Berl-in-out, Delphi Theater, Berlin
charcoal and gesso on linen
92 x 183 cm.

The two works I exhibited at Berl-in-out span my time living in Berlin. Both reflect on the city's character, one of strong community, strong contradictory forces and strong resistance. Since the Berliner Unwillen in 1440, to the 1953 uprising through this year's victorious Tempelhofer Freiheit Volksentscheid, the city's population has a long tradition of opposing authority. This work was made after my first 3 months in Berlin. It is a first impression, a bringing together of mood, self portrait, portraits of those I met and art works I saw.
photo by Eli Corata